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As a benchmark for the international line sporting goods brand Nike, finally put modesty Start "self-worth." Recently there have been news that comes from internal sources of Nike, in order to clean up product inventory, Nike plans to open in the country 40-50 nike shoes outlet, product discounts will be in three to four fold, called the magnitude of the unprecedented. Not only that, allegedly, Nike factory store shop range starts from first-tier cities to second and third tier urban sprawl. Nike store, found a lot of merchandise in the fight 7-9 fold. However, the reporter observed, customers are willing to pay for the shoes away. Nike store a salesman, said: "play percentage also selling with a lot of 10% or more (customer) is not interested in more. And now styles update soon, guests very refreshing."

nike factory store

In comparison, nike factory store, or more able to inspire customers desire to buy the place. A sports brand industry insiders, "Nike factory store lethality is relatively large, the district within one kilometer, the other sports brands and discount stores generally difficult to survive." Within the nike shoes outlet store, a clerk told Reporter: "We are here original 229 yuan sportswear brand as long as 79 yuan, 548 yuan of sports shoes price is 199 yuan, a lot of people driving to scan cargo." this store is the only one in Guangzhou Nike Direct factory store. Nike has done market research before its second and third tier cities, especially in third-tier cities in the shop one reason for the high failure rate is the price too high, ordinary people can not load "on the Nike brand influence, if the discount enough attract consumers should pull back easily. "now customers can buy nike shoes outlet, there are two advantages, a kind of fashionable goods are recently updated, the other one is cheap," relatively speaking, two three-city residents may be price-sensitive people, so we provide Nike shoes are inexpensive, and the quality is superior.